List of Thoughts and Reflections:

        Australia beckoned and we heard its call. Starting with the World Science Fiction Convention and carrying through so much more as we explored Ayers Rock or snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef. As I have time, the editing equipment becomes available and more comes to mind I will add more pictures and sights and sounds and reflections here from our exploration of a new country and another part of the world that we had only looked upon from afar. Three weeks we had there. Three weeks to learn, enjoy and touch the people, places, tastes, sights and sounds. Most of all the people.
s health issues for Fran had receded in our concerns, it was time to finally look to the joys that life affords us and the adventures. Breast cancer and mortality will always be there, fashioning barriers and limits and challenges. But in the crucible of those days both as the one suffering the physical assault and as husband looking on attempting to comfort and empathize, joy came and the wonder of life and the possibilities that should not be missed. So, we heard the siren call of Australia and said yes and followed where it might lead. New adventures beckon. As part of our wonder of snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef we have decided to get a certification for scuba diving. Most of all, we are determined to return to this wonderful country in the future.
      Most important for your appreciation of this page is the promise that as I have time to collect together more pictures and other media and add my reflections I will include them here. You can check whether I have added anything by looking at the updated date below. They may not come in exactly the sequence that they occurred, but rather as my interest leads me. Some will include real audio and real video for your pleasure and I may explore some flash animation to spice things up. If you have any comments about these pages, feel free to send them either to Jack at or Fran at Also, one of the most profound experiences we brought away from our visit to Australia was snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. It is because of that we have gone on to make the life changing decision to get our certification in open water scuba. If there are those who are science fiction fans and love to snorkel or scuba I would ask that you visit a site I have set up just for us called Fen With Fins.

Updated July 22, 2000