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    Of all the commitments that I had in mind upon going to Australia, one of the central ones was purchasing a didgeridoo. This classical Aboriginal musical instrument is quintessential with an appreciation of Australia. As it happened, I waited until the last leg of our trip, in Sydney, before finally electing to search out a good shop in which to explore and find the instrument of my choice. This turned out to be Didj Beat Didjeridoo's. They were very helpful and very considerate to some rather nieve and rather inept wannabes. They used to be located on the net at ( and seem to have disappeared, unfortunately. But you can get a sense of what I experienced. Although I do not know the name of the master player pictured below, he guided me through the various choices until I finally selected one crafted by Nigel Bolda Hunter. Its region is Werrenber, Northern Territories, crafted from Woolybutt, in the key of C. I was also treated to a short concert of how my didge really should be played by the person below.




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If you would like to see and hear a master player play my didgeridoo, click on your connection speed above. You will require the latest Real Player, but you can get that by clicking the button below. And check back. In the near future, the didge on the left will be the springboard to letting you listen to my very own experiments at first learning how to play it. This will likely not take place until I have mastered the arcane art of circular breathing, but I have hopes to get this under my belt in the very near future. That gives you at least some chance of hearing something worth hearing. Stay tuned and check back.