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          None of our expectations could meet the reality that we found when we snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef. All the rest was the icing on the cake for what was an experience that neither Fran or myself will soon forget. It was the experience of snorkeling in the reef that prompted us to come to a mutual decision to pursue certification for open water diving when we returned to Seattle. For our experience here we did not endeavor to do so, thinking that snorkeling would be more than enough adventure. Watching others diving below us made us realize the error of our ways.

For this account I think it best to let the pictures Fran took with a disposable underwater camera and I subsequently scanned in and then worked over with Photoshop speak for themselves. So, rather than reading my words, without further ado, check out what we saw for the better part of an hour and then I will pick up the other interesting points of interest in and around Cairns, including the tropical rain forest, the Aboriginal Center and the actual circumstances in which we were given the opportunity to snorkel. Let the pictures be center stage for the moment.



Just that you may experience what this all led to, I include two items for your enjoyment:

First, a picture of both Fran and I as we dove at Seacrest, a popular dive spot near West Seattle.

And of equal example, a video of Fran as she dove in a pool to test some equipment and get ready for a trip that we took to Fiji.

Fran in the Pool (Please note that this is best viewed on a fast internet connection)


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