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           After most of an hour of viewing all of this beauty below us, we were cold, excited, enraptured, if you will, with what we had just seen. Fran got out of her wet clothes walked over to the bar and asked for coffee with booze in it. To our surprise the bartender had never heard of adding alcohol to coffee. I am not sure if they were more shocked by spoiling good coffee or good alcohol, but they graciously met her request. The heat of the coffee and the bite of whiskey was a welcome dessert after this wonderful experience. After warming up, we were ready to explore some of the other experiences open to us at this spot out in the Pacific Ocean.



         The other way to experience the beauty of this setting was in the relative comfort of a glass sided partially submerged boat. The views were considerably less colorful than what was afforded via snorkeling, but there was a great deal more diversity of fish life to be seen from the boat than was available from those of us swimming above looking down. Still, there were wonderful sites to see here as well. The bottom line is that this one day journey has had profound effects on our lives as we have gone ahead to seek our open water diving certification. We will get our first chance to really explore this when we visit Hawaii in July of 2000. If you are a science fiction fan and a snorkeler or diver please visit another site I have set up called Fen With Fins. I would like to encourage those that love this experience to get together a bit. If you would like to see a Real Video version of the trip and have a high speed cable or DSL connection, check out the video of the submerged boat trip in real video format or the Windows Media version. You will need either the latest version of Real Player or Windows Media Player and a high speed internet connection, however. Experiments with getting this to look worth viewing in 56k mode failed, so either download the entire file or view the stream on a high speed connection.